The App will be a control activity application. The user can choose, from the start what activity he/she is going to do.

It has two options:

  • With activated GPS, which is the full version. In this version, the user can say which exercise to do and the GPS will calculate distance, speed and time automatically. At the same time, the user can stop the activity and restart it whenever he/she wishes. This data will be recorded and given at the end, when finalising the activity.

  • Without GPS, the user chooses the type of exercise, the distance and time of beginning and end of the activity.

The app will also offer some screens with the process of the activity, and the list of activities done:

  • Main Activity
    - Select GPS or no GPS.
    - Select the type of activity (hiking, biking, etc ...)

  • Current activity in process screen
    - Would show only the data of distance, time taken, type of exercise and start and end time.
    - You can end the activity.
    - If no activity is going on, the last activity info is displayed.

  • History Screen
    - All activities done with their info, no map.
    - You can mark any favourites.
    - Select an activity to show on Route screen.

  • Favourites screen
    - Show favourite routes, same as history screen but only favourites are shown.
    - Select an activity to show on Route screen.

  • Route screen
    - Show route on map and its info for example time used and exercise type.