Sport plays an essential role in the personal development of young people, not only by the importance of physical training in itself, but also as a source of their physical, social and emotional health. We can consider sports have also a big educational impact, changes can be seen as motor skills development and performance. This shows the positive relationship between being involved in physical activities and psychosocial development.

There is a core of evidences that show us the big positive effects of sport and exercise on physical health, growth and individual development, but sport and physical activity have also positive benefits on education. Through participation in sport and physical education, young people learn about the importance of key skills as: team work, resilience, entrepreneurship...

Project objectives:

  • Be aware of the impact of sport may have young people’s physical, social and emotional health.
  • Be aware of the educational impact sports may have to help develop other skills development and performance.
  • Provide youth opportunities to know other cultures and development of sporting, language and social skills.
  • Implement in youth an active European citizenship as means of employment opportunities and development of sporting and social skills.
  • Enhancing the professional development of those working or active in the education, training and youth fields specially in all related to sports by innovating and increasing the quality and range of continuing training, including new pedagogies.

The project will focus on preparing teachers and trainers or development and implementation of sport training and educational modules (high quality) to be disseminated across Europe.

The project will reinforce the cooperation with partners from other countries, other fields of education, training and youth. The projects fits with Europe 2020 strategy acknowledges: a fundamental transformation of education and training is needed to address the new skills and competences that will be required in Europe.


Alén Multimedia S.L.L.

Established in 1997, Alén Multimedia, S.L.L. is a company dedicated to the development and implementation of multimedia communication services, covering a wide range of areas: web, multimedia, design, marketing solutions, training, hosting... We are proud of our young and dinamic staff. Our team has a wide experience in the field, access to state-of-the-art technology and is at the vanguard of graphic design.

We believe in a multidisciplinary team that can generate communicative products in all areas and addressing different fields to generate a complete end product. We usually take parte in projects that communicate facts Tailor made.

We have a vast experience in work on European projects producing websites, platforms, video games, learning modules… and any kind of product.
Alytaus Sport and Recreation Center

Multifunctional entertainment and sport complex, so far the only in the country where under one roof fits the sports complex and international standards pool.

Alytus Sport Palace was opened in 1977.
In the palace was made important reconstruction. Renewed hall, where one of the stages of 2011 European Men's Basketball Championship took place. In the hall is 5 thousand seats.
Bergantiños F.C.

Bergantiños F.C. is a sports Club which trains 240 kids from 4 to 16. It has 15 trainers. The Club motto is “you should know where we start to know where to get to”.
- Remark the importance os sport and physical activity in relation to the personal, social and professional development of individuals
- To be part of a group reinforces de values we try to improve in young learners
- The sports as element to implement personal, social skills. resilience, the studies success and professional development.
- Support prevention, educational and innovative approaches to tackle violence, racism and intolerance in sport at grassroots level

The club takes part in regional competitions. It uses the Coercer method in football training
Buckland Monachorum Cricket Club

BMCC is a progressing Cricket club situated on the Edge of Dartmoor between Tavistock and Plymouth. As members of the Devon Cricket League BMCC enjoys both competative and social cricket as well as hosting a thriving Youth set up with 70 Children and Yound People aged from 6 to 16!

Inclusive sport for all ages, gender and nationalities, currently in the form of cricket multiple community links stretching from rural to urban areas, where building the well-being of the person is equal to enjoying the game. A fleeting organization in many ways with great ambitions to achieve results for the community, with a strong desire to help develop a mentally stronger confident person through sport, what ever their ability, who will take away and understand the benefits of sport and the community.

Bromangymnasiet is one of the largest cohesive secondary schools in Sweden. Presently, the school has 1400 students. Teaching staff numbers 170. The numbers are important when it comes to the impact a project may have as it will affect so many of our you people in our area and region. Bromangymnasiet runs 14 national “programs” of both vocational and traditional theoretic orientation. In addition, we run two branches of sports specialization: football and ice hockey.

The school’s vision, is summed up in the our motto “Bromangymnasiet-your springboard to the future”. Because of an identified need of development in the organisation as a whole, everyone involved with the students needs to increase student influence, to help improve their results, and by doing so, everyone’s working environment will improve. Inevitably, these aims demand a dialogue on how changes will come about to make the prefect in future progress. We believe sports to be a strong asset in driving change and improvement in many areas.
St Andrew's C of E Primary School

St. Andrew’s Primary School is a large rural school for children aged 4-11 years. 189 children are currently on the school roll. It offers a wide range of sporting activities in and out of school time. These activities are run by school staff, volunteers and local sports coaches. Children form a variety of social class backgrounds benefit from sport. The school enter local and wider competitive sports events and have been successful in winning local and county/regional events. We has close links and partnerships with local sporting clubs and bodies, e.g. Buckland Cricket Club, Marjon Hockey, West Devon Football, Tavistock Swimming Club, Tavistock Rugby Club.